The aim of the 8th Sergio Motta Art and Technology Awards is to highlight creative artists operating on the interface between new media art in fields such as:

- interactive arts (immersive environments, interactive installations, games);
-art / science (artificial life, transgenic art, bio art, robotics, artificial intelligence, nano-art);
-body arts (video dance, video performance, digital dance and live DJs and VJs);
-audio/acoustic arts (digital, electronic or electroacoustic compositions, audio installations);
– digital animation (video, installation, device, animation, simulations) and web visions (cyberliterature, visual and acoustic poetry, web art, mobile devices, locative media).

The 8th Sergio Motta Art and Technology Awards will be offered seven prizes totaling R$ 180,000 for new artists, established career artists, and those whose work is seen as reference in their field. Entries will be selected by Mabuse (researcher and artist), Marcus Bastos (artist and professor at PUC-SP) and Yara Guasque (artist and professor at UDESC).

The final choice was in charge of the Awarding Jury composed by Claudia Giannetti (digital arts and new media critic and curator) , Fernanda Takai (leading vocal of the band Pato Fu), Moacir dos Anjos (critic and curator), Ricardo Oliveros ( architect, journalist and curator) and Ronaldo Lemos (coordinator of the Technology and Society Center of the FVG-RJ Law School and of the project Creative Commons in Brazil) The winners are going to be announced next september 17th by press and at The Sergio Motta Institute´s site. There were 2 prizes for the Beginning Artists category in R$ 10 thousand each; and 4 prizes for the Consolidated Artists category in R$ 30 thousand each. There is a R$40 thousand prize for the Hors Concours Category .