In 2011, The Sergio Motta Institute began, through the CCE_SP (Cultural Center of Spain in Sao Paulo), a partnership with Hipermédula cultural platform, an initiative of the Cultural Centre of Cordoba – Argentina – for the AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development). The Sergio Motta Institute is the first Portuguese Institution to contribute to the project, which aims to promote a space of Ibero-american communication and cultural production.

The Hipermédula provides the gathering of all Centres Network programmes as well as the reflection on the transformative capacity of collective knowledge. The platform was conceived as an intersection of new technologies and current needs of users, along with the characteristics of the young generation that articulates creativity, trends and processes.

The Hipermédula works through a network and gathers information about shows, artists, contests, prizes, scholarships, exhibitions, online events, launches and other activities, thus seeking to expand the creative capabilities of the Ibero-american community and create a space of convergence of the Hispanic and Portuguese cultures at a global level. In addition, in the website you can find notes, reflections, essays, reports, audiovisual materials, publications and productions of artists whose work is a contribution to the culture of the region.

This partnership with the Instituto Sergio Motta happens through the texts on the projects developed by the ISM posted on the website and also through the replication of content of the ISM. We aim to spread the Brazilian art and technology in the Ibero-American context and tighten the ties with other artists and producers

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