Atrator Poético | interactive multimedia installation | 2004-2005

The installation associates viewers’ movements with those of a chemical electrical conductor called ferro-fluid, presented on a totem. When visitors trigger sensors on a surface away from the totem, magnetic particles are aligned to compose ephemeral images that look like constellations, which are returned to the circular surface through a projection. Formations decompose quickly, making it difficult to trigger the sensor again to see the changes in the liquid, thus playing a game of attracting visitors to one support or the other. Movements detected by the sensors also trigger sound effects.

SCIArts – interdisciplinary team

The group lives and works in São Paulo. The SCIArts interdisciplinary team comprises Fernando Fogliani, Milton Sogabe, Renato Hildebrand, Rosangella Leote and Edson Zampronha. The team has been developing projects on the intersection between art, science and technology since 1995. Fernando Fogliani is a physicist, software engineer and photographer, Milton Sogabe an artist, Renato Hildebrand a mathematician and Rosangella Leote a multimedia artist. The Atrator poético installation was made in partnership with musician Edson Zampronha.