The technical limitations in the process of thought translation are what challenge this artist and IT systems researcher, not to mention the desire to create objects and systems that help us avail
of the changes wrought by science and technology. “There is always a certain disjuncture between the idea or film running in my head and those that the preconfigured machines, the shop-shelf machines, are programmed to produce,”says Cantoni. “Digital technology, obviously, has worked a radical change in this relationship. On computer, I can design and devise tools that simulate what I want to experience and how, where, and with whom.” With a postdoctorate in cinema, radio, and television from USP, a doctorate and a master’s degree in communication and semiotics from PUC-SP, and a master’s degree in infographic visualization and communication from the University of Geneva, Cantoni is currently engaged in experimenting with audio-tactile-visual interfaces that allow the user to explore and interact naturally with databases and physical, virtual, or hybrid worlds. Among the accolades she has received throughout her career are the 4th Sergio Motta Cultural Award (2003) and the Itaú Cultural Transmídia award (2002).

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