Concluded work
Ex orbis | visual montage | 1999

The work is a montage composed of images of flying machines from different periods cut by a plotter on vinyl sticker measuring 2.40 x 38 meters, which was shown on the facade of the National Aviation Museum in Ottawa, Canada.

Regina Silveira

Silveira started her art education in Porto Alegre, majoring in painting and engraving, taught by leading artists such as Iberê Camargo. She started working as a painter and came into contact with conceptual art in the late 1960s. In the 1970s, she worked with meshes and perspectives for her Labirintos series. She first used photographic images in the series of engravings Middle Class & Co and Jogos de Arte, and was part of the mail art scene. In this period she became a leading multimedia artist and pioneered video art in Brazil. In the 1980s, she executed an important series dealing with the distortion of perspective Anamorfas, a complex of prints and drawings that opened new horizons. Then came another important work Simulacros, also produced by interpreting artificial spatial construction systems. In addition to her artistic work, for many years she taught at the School of Communication and Arts ECA-USP (Universidade de São Paulo), where she helped educate generations of leading Brazilian artists.