Concluded work
Influenza | site | 2002

This online work is organized on the basis of an algorithmic equation, creating a non-game, and non-interactivity from de-structuring navigation created on a city map. Or, on a non-map. A map that diverts. Users access a series of windows where they find a sequence of geometric meshes. So what? The kinetic relationships occurring through random combinations emerge in expanding movements in the two-dimensional space of the screen. The linear and pictorial possibilities that appear each time you click the mouse are mere banalities against the complexity of the non-response: the artist subverts the media by annulling the browser as interface. There is no use clicking. This is a work of subtlety. Words to define it? No, against, des-. What? Precisely. The work is against the internet, against users, and its unpredictability de-stabilizes any system. This is its poetic density. On introducing deviation at random, the is artist creating de-design, de-painting, the art of non-interactivity, annulling our media action. De-activating. Void. Nothingness. Nothing shown. Like a hacker, it installs virulence. The non-proposal for contamination infiltrates in reverse, to question a system and its layers, to de-stabilize the order of things, while not exactly creating or recreating chaos.

Rafael Marchetti

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1975. Lives and works in São Paulo (SP).
Developer, designer and editor.Masters – Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Manuel-Belgrano-Argentina.
Collective exhibitions:1995 – Fundación Aquemia Gráfica 2001, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Fundación Moa, La Plata, Argentina.