The Garden of Love | Interactive videoinstallation| 2006

The Garden of Love is an interactive videoinstallation using a database made from video of performance and intervention staged for the camera in a Japanese cemetery, where Rosalen performs actions with 100 white ceramic eggs. The cemetery was chosen as a place to speak of the transience of life, continuity and discontinuity. Humans were no longer nomads from the moment they started to regroup and settle around the places where they buried their dead. Moreover it is the place of burial and worship of the dead that provide the underpinning, perhaps the only concrete one, for the idea of homeland. Necropolises are therefore involved in the origins of cities. In Tokyo, as in any other city around the world, these places are for resting, pausing, relaxing. Creating a potential vacuum within silence suspended between the being now and the past. This project is based on the Japanese concept of ‘ma’, which permeates all artistic expression in Japanese culture as a suspension of the flow of space-time. This work continues a series of projects produced traveling in Japan, between exile and insiles, and sees the body as interface and travel as a founding part of the process.

Rachel Rosalen

Over the last few years, Rosalen has traveled a unique journey in artistic-electronic production in Brazil. She has done work with video, telematics performances, interactive video installations, live theater, projects based on databases and programs – in may cases building specific interfaces for each work. Rosalen uses these devices to discuss a broader project dealing with relations between life and death, war, violence, media, eroticism and construction of the body in the contemporary metropolis. Her trajectory has been quite nomadic and solitary, and she often asks other artists, programmers, or electronic engineers to work with her on projects.