Philadelpho Menezes was born in São Paulo in 1960, and was killed in a traffic accident in 2000. He published his first book of poems, 4 achados construídos in 1980, when he was just 20 years old. This was followed by: Poemas 1980-1982 (1984) and Demolições (ou poemas aritméticos) , published in 1988. He also wrote Poética e Visualidade – Uma Trajetória da Poesia Brasileira Contemporânea (Ed. UNICAMP, Campinas 1991), and organized Poesia Sonora – Poéticas Experimentais da Voz do Século XX (EDUC, SP, 1992, not to be missed). He was the coordinator and articulator of the exhibition Poesia Intersignos in São Paulo (1988). Philadelpho and Mário Faustino are always in my thoughts: both were embryos of incomparable promise for Brazilian poetry but died so young, unfortunately. Ars longa, vita brevis.