Work-in-progress grant
Para que servem os anjos | DVD | 2004

Fabiana’s Cinema sem verba (meaning ‘no-budget cinema’) proposes the creation of the digital video Para que servem os anjos?, (What are angels for?), which will characterize seven different situations through seven sequences. Discussing issues such as urban violence, individual creativity, ‘disillusion’ in the family, dichotomies such as faith and incredulity, underground culture, stage metaphors (actor/ illusionism, empty stalls), Fabiana builds a surreal non-linear narrative based on projection of special editing. She also plans to investigate new resources for digital cinema using images to be modified by color saturation and special effects. Fabiana’s proposal was also oriented by her running an experimental audio-visual production center called Cinema sem Verba in Ribeirão Preto, a city located far from the Rio-São Paulo axis.

Cinema sem Verba

Paula Fabiana Silva (1973)

Fabiana graduated in law at UNAERP, studied post-production at CEV film school in Barcelona, audiovisual production at Metropolis film school in Madrid, and writing for cinema and TV at Escola Interamericana Center in São Paulo.