Concluded work
Untitled | robotics sculpture | 2001

The currently focus of Marques’ work is to experiment with scrapped digital video or technology devices, reconditioned items, optics, step motors, printers, copiers, scanners, cameras and other non-functioning mechanisms that take on different functionality when dismantled or modified. As artistic raw material they are still moving, lighting, or flashing, but in this new state they reflect several positions in relation to the human phenomenon of technological mediations, subversions in which ironies or concerns are transmitted, or the ordinary appearances that drive contemporary relations. Marques presents three works: Untitled (2001) is a printer mechanism rescaled with a 2.5 ” color TV attached to the moving part of the structure, which focuses on de-synchronization between mechanism and image. The movement of the machine annuls the potential for synchronization. The artist is represented in a video during his permanence or non-permanence in front of the camera. Superfície 1(2002) is a low-rev engine mechanism. It drives a magnifying glass extracted from an optical scanner- reader. The magnified text translates ironies that echoed in the relationship based on the appearance of contemporary life, posing a monument to false truth. Untitled (2001) is a mileage counter in which numbers have been replaced by letters and an electric motor. Machine for making signifier-words, unmanned metaphorical order, it produces a new order of discourse, other senses that interact with previous ones.

Milton Marques

Brasília (DF), 1971. Lives and works in Brasília. Visual artist; bachelor’s degree in art education from UnB.Milton’s repertoire includes optical elements, printers, copiers, scanners, cameras and other mechanisms stripped of their original functions. He creates small devices capable of restoring a poetry unthinkable for these entities that had been doomed to oblivion. What we see are experiences that are both artisanal and technical at the same time with digital video and technology devices that have been decommissioned. Tow of his works from 2007, Auto-reverso and Dólar instável were highlights involving new media at Paralela 2008.