Work-in-progress grant
Em busca do tempo perdido | videoinstallation, five screenings | 2004

Lucas Bambozzi is a name that hardly needs introducing in Brazil, but we may as well note that in addition to his film and video work, and more recently his role as VJ, he also organizes media-art exhibitions and writes on the subject. He has been recording images on video since the late 1980s. Since then, he has been collecting scenes of events, happenings, or intimate situations, constantly investigating boundaries between public and private, or questioning boundaries between madness and parameters of normality, in short screening images from the territory of urbanity, a universe of bizarre, caricatured and sometimes unusual aspects. So Lucas built a relationship of complicity with the camera that became not only an extension of himself, but also an instrument of mediation between different realities. Some of these images (less than 10%) became video works ; but most remain confined, never having had the privilege of even a single viewer, let alone emerging as language or poetics. As in Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu, Bambozzi resists and holds out, since he spurns the feeling of resignation that seizes the leading character at the end of the novel. Bambozzi sees the end of this work as evoking a certain resignation lined with sadness or melancholy, perhaps the sadness of having let time go by… Apparently – through the script to be outlined by the collected images – he might retrieve the emotions and feelings impregnated in this in imaginary stored over the years. It seems that Lucas might redeem in good time, with a life yet to be lived, fragments of himself, being able to see himself again as a whole. Indeed, this will involve selection and editing making the artistic process an inseparable part of his work – criticizing and rearranging processes, lending them visibility, taking a better stance in relation to what he does. In short, a process of reinterpretation in which he sees an opportunity to see his ‘time regained’.

Lucas Bambozzi

Graduated in social communication / journalism at UFMG. Earned a master’s in philosophy (MPhil) at CAiiA-STAR in the United Kingdom. Works in various mediums and supports, and over the last 13 years has built up a consistent body of work in video, film, installation, Internet and other interactive projects. Has taken several awards and shown work in some 30 countries.