Work-in-progress grant
Coleção de Novas Danças Brasileiras | music | 2003

Ten previously unpublished compositions are to be featured on the CD Coleção de Novas Danças Brasileiras. The project poses an acoustic journey through traditional rhythms in Brazilian music, applying a kind of microscopic filter through digital editing of the recordings collected in the field: the basic recordings are broken down and rearranged to reveal new acoustic potential while not losing touch with the original stylistic reference – i.e. the rhythm. The sung or spoken electronic vocals in conversation provide an essential element, a conducting thread and acoustic amplifier. The items combine elements of high and low acoustic registers, like the gaze of an onlooker through the window of a car moving at high speed. Purity and high definition make room for overlapping textures, repertoires and narrative aims. Like apprentice travelers lost around the reworked microcells of rhythms, chords, melodies and voices, we create a kaleidoscope of dictions around the dancing rhythm and more complex acoustic texture – Pernambuco fiddles, Guató Indians talking and singing, rhythmic scratching on a lap guitar.

Lívio Tragtenberg

São Paulo (SP), 1961. Lives and works in São Paulo. Composer and saxophonist. Self-taught. Has written for orchestra, vocal and instrumental groups, opera, cinema, video, theater and dance. He create sound installations. Principal CDs: Através da Janela (2000), Brava Gente Brasileira (2000), Bazulaques Brasileiros (1998), Pasolini Suite (1996), Othello (1995), Anjos Negros (1994), Temperamental (1993).