Work-in-progress grant
Cadeia Alimentar | video | 2003

Cadeia Alimentar (food chain) is a work in progress. Lívia’s project reenacts a dream as a film and then makes three more films based on scenes from real life. By combining images alluding to power relations, it evokes relations between labor and capital, freedom and hunger.
The project’s first film is the matrix, or dream: a well dressed man is seated at a dining table. A ring of the bell calls a waiter. He serves wine, and bring a dish of soup. Then he shows a pliers served on a silver platter. The man picks up the pliers, holds the spoon in it, and sips the soup. He naturally intersperses movements to drink the wine and eat a piece of bread, placing the pliers on the table. After soup, the bell rings again. The other three movies are scenes from real life: Film 2 – The pacing to-and-fro of a tiger in its cage; Film 3 – Dogs’ movements are restricted by a chain to flimsy individual units in a kennel; Film 4 – The mirrored glass of a guard house reflects the environment it is there to defend. The landscape reflected changes with its movement. The first three films, now concluded, were filmed on 16mm. The current task is to make the fourth film. The films will be screened simultaneously in one single environment – a glass quadrilateral – configuring a video installation with projections superimposed.These superimpositions pose relations of simultaneity, placing viewers amid a tangle of images that succeed each other as flows, suggesting instability and danger from multiple refutations that sometimes go beyond the limits of the field of projection. The viewers – image recipients – are in the midst of situations that leave them between dream and reality through actions, landscapes and notions superimposed in everyday space-time.

Lívia Flores

Rio de Janeiro (RJ), 1959. Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Visual artist. Master’s in communication and image technology – UFRJ; bachelor’s degree in arts – Kunstakademie Düsseldorf/Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Germany; bachelor’s degree in industrial design – UERJ.