Honor Mention
Paisagem | video | 2000

Paisagem is a video-dance by choreographer Lara Pinheiro and Lea Van Steen using the city of São Paulo as support, or actual exhibition space, and interacting with São Paulo’s immense spectrum of cultural offshoots and influences. The dance focused samba as street dance, and popular music as counterpoint to overpasses, traffic congestion and street noises. Creating a network of relations between complexes and confluences between opposites. Lara worked for dynamic choreography in which the body could relate to its surroundings; bodies became coadjutants of chaos and generated manifestations in other bodies. The use of electronic media such as video virtually transformed the work to TV programs: “which we watched distractedly and suddenly recognize amid several stories, amid chaos,” as Lara says. The choreography circulated in street fairs, overpasses, trains, hotels. It could have been performance, or urban intervention, in fact any ephemeral event, were it not for the presence of video, which confers its real existence. The city-dance-video experience, or video dance in the city, is part of the proposal for dance research that Pinheiro has been developing. Integration across languages is an attribute of its contemporary nature and the proposal to develop contemporary dance on video is part of the “intrinsic research the language proposes,” says Pinheiro.

Lara Pinheiro

Lara Pinheiro is a professor with the course on communication and arts of the body at PUC-SP. She has studied dance in São Paulo and New York, and particularly in Germany. For eight years, she choreographed works for dance and theater performed in Brazil, France, Germany and the United States. She received the São Paulo Art Critics Association (APCA) award along with Cia Terceira Dança, the Dance Encouragement Award, a grant from Fundação Antorches and Fundação Vitae to take part in the American Dance Festival, and was one of the 2001 Sergio Motta Award winners with the video dance Paisagem.

Lea Van Steen

Lea Van Steen was born in São Paulo on July 31, 1965. As a child she was always glued to a TV screen – from choice or due to astigmatism – and then decided to work with film. As a teenager, she applied for her first intern experience in production. Since then she has been constantly involved over many years of working in Brazilian cinema. When MTV came to Brazil, she was asked to take over as the channel’s promo manager. After the initial period of MTV Brazil, she spent several years in advertising (including work for the top production companies in the market, such as 5.6′’, Jodaf, Movi&arte, Academia de Filmes and Vertical). Having matured in directing advertising pieces, she has turned to more personal work such as short films, documentaries and art videos; having shown and won awards at local and international festivals.