Development grant
Bodyweave | digital platform | 2007

Bodyweave 2.0 is a continuation of the artistic trajectory of performer and choreographer Lali Krotoszynski, whose works have explored the process of breaking down and rebuilding moving images. Collaboration with mathematician and systems analyst Jarbas de Moraes Neto led to Bodyweave 1.0 and a structure for Bodyweave 2.0. Using the Bodyweave 1.0 prototype, they hope to develop a dynamic and playful environment enabling users to find a way of building their own marks or brands – an audiovisual record of their uniqueness in a collaborative process. Bodyweave 2.0 poses a composing experience for newcomers and is also a tool for artistic creation by professionals in the fields of music, image, dance and others. The content for composing audio animations will be set up over time as interactors feed the database frames (as jpg files) and audio fragments ( mp3 files). Users will have their own desktop with access to the general database and will be free to use other users’ files for their compositions. The project will have to be stored on a specifically developed website with database structure to store contributions and animations saved; also to provide structure to record comments and exchanges of information between users.

Lali Krotoszynski

Lali Krotoszynski has been active as a choreographer and performer since 1981. She develops this work individually and in collaboration with visual artists, photographers, musicians, video artists, choreographers and dancers. Her career has featured the investigation of poetic processes that lead to interpersonal relationships involving dance, applied to creative work and educative activities. Currently her research involves cinema and choreography, and she pursues emerging narratives using specially designed digital interfaces.