Concluded work
Kidnapping images | videoinstallation| 1999

When he moved from Brazil in 1999, Redondo found a box in his mother’s house containing several Super-8 films made during the 1970s. The films belonged to his sister, who had made them 20 years previously. After her death, for different reasons, all the equipment disappeared and the films were never screened. In the course of this project, a new one-hour film was made by rearranging and editing 40 hours of footage selected from the original Super-8 films. The new film was then screened for family in Brazil and a hidden camera recorded the event. The result of this work is a videoinstallation in which two large silent projections are placed face to face. One projection shows the family watching the film; the other shows a short “looped” film of his sister dancing with her father at a debutante ball in the 1970s. The work investigates relations between public and private, the family as an institution and how it wishes to be seen – and how it relates to society.

Laércio Redondo

Lives and works in Sweden and Brazil. His works investigate the structures behind of social relations, and how they are materialized, as questions posed in several other works. Since 1998, his main instrument has been video. Previously he working with drawing, until moving to Stockholm, Sweden, as a guest student at Konstfack – University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.