Ondas | multimedia interactive installation | 2005

This interactive installation project aims to foster rapprochement between the two semantic levels of the word “wave”. Captured at the limits of the zoom feature, which produces an impression of speed-up, moving images of ocean waves will be projected on the floor, recalling the flow of electric current. On entering the installation, viewers find a static image of sand changed only by their actions triggering sensors placed in the area. When activated, the work triggers vertically overlapping wave images on a screen in front of them, filling it completely, like a glass filled with water.

Kátia Maciel

Born in Rio de Janeiro (1963), where she still lives and works. Multimedia artist and film and video director; professor of the School of Communication at UFRJ since 1994, where she coordinates the N-Image research group. Among her major interactive projects are: Um, nenhum e cem mil (2001) and the installation Mantenha distância (2004).