It all began with the desire to transfer images and sounds from the real world onto a digital platform. Using the C++ and OpenGL programming languages, specifically tailored to graphic functions,
Jácome exposes the restrictions of the cybernetic universe and the growing contemporary challenge of grasping reality through electronic codes. “I’m not interested in breaching the limits of representation in the digital world, because it is precisely these limits that cause consternation, interest, and—for some—repugnance, frustration,” says the composer, guitarist, programmer, and researcher, holder of a master’s degree in computer science from the IT Center of Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. From the combination of his interests in creating melodies and investigating thescope of technology, for which he earned the Rumos Itaú Cultural Arte Cibernética award in 2006, have come such creations as ViMus, a free software package he has been developing since 2004 and which he uses in installations, performances, and other live presentations. Among the main events in which he has participated are the 2008 and 09 editions of FILE (São Paulo and Rio, respectively), Emoção Art.ficial 4.0 (2008, São Paulo), and SPA das Artes (2007, Recife).

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