Concluded work
Gli Anne-luce | electro-acoustic music | 1999

The mixed electro-acoustic work of Gli Anne-luce (Os anos luz) for piano and electronic sounds was executed at the electronic music studio of the Higher Conservatory of Music in Cologne in 1999. The tape was prepared using particularly clarinet and piano sounds, and although voice was used, it is not a verbal composition in the strict sense: relevance here is the semantic content of a word, not its phonic or acoustic content. Fragments from an Italio Calvino book of the same name ( Le Cosmicomiche) were used to execute a kind of requiem. Legend has it that when two galaxies reach a distance of 10 million light-years (the expanding universe), then the speed at which one is moving away from the other would become greater than the speed of light. After that there would be no possibility of contact or interaction and the galaxies would exist independently of each other: a sense of loss. Currently, the sacred and the profane are so mixed. and religion and spirituality take on a role so different from the ones they had in the past, that new forms of expression are necessary, especially in artistic production. Gli Anne-luce assumes impure profane intrusions in the terrain of the sacred and seeks in his own way to reexamine a musical genre – one perhaps long extinct due precisely to this mixture of environments.

Fábio Gorodski

Bachelor’s degree in composition and conducting from the Arts Institute at Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), attended PANorama electro-acoustic music studio (1996) and the Electronic Music Studio of the Higher Conservatory of Music in Cologne. His many study grants include those from the Schleswig Holstein Festival (1998), and Deutsche Akademischer Austauchdienst (1997), in Germany. In 1993, he was placed second at the 9th UNESP Ritmo e Som competition for his work Memos para Coro. In 1999, he was second and received a special Young Composer award at the International New Music competition in Prague, for his work Ficciones para violino e sons eletrônicos. In 2000 he was conferred an honor mention at the 22nd Concorso Internazionale Luigi Russolo in the category Electroacoustic Music for Voice and Instrument, for the work Presenza (flute and electronic sounds).