Concluded work
Framed by curtains | video | 1999

Distorted views of the city of Hong Kong. Imponderable dialogues between people and hopes for real understanding between East and West This work by Eder Santos is a reframing of the chaotic urban landscape of Hong Kong after it was taken over by China. Like someone watching from a window and recasting reality in their own fashion, the video is the result of the author’s subjectivity projected on everyday scenes (sometimes absurd) in the city.

Eder Santos

Santos’ trajectory as a video artist started in 1983 with his first studies of the art works and creative processes of visual artists in Minas Gerais. There was already an interest in artistically exploiting the imperfections and noise of the video format that are systematically eliminated in the clean and nicely finished world of commercial television. But his contact with images – and the framing of pieces of the world through images – goes back earlier, in fact to the mid-seventies and footage shot on Super-8. Early work on the new support (video) sought out adjacent issues in the visual arts: themes or pretexts for experimenting with the new technique and aiming for new aesthetics. Images required treatment, the flatness of television screens hid the possibility of thickness. In 1985, his last VHS-format work – INTERFERENCIA- featured video as language with errors, weaknesses and limitations that it brought out very clearly and took to an extreme. After the 1990s, videoinstallations took their place in his oeuvre as a whole, as new technology and its potential, forms and supports for projection expanded artistic possibilities. In ENREDANDO AS PESSOAS, videoart returns to its first stage: TUMITINHAS (1998), a contemporary requiem that briefly reminds us of MENTIRAS E HUMILHAÇÕES. The tempo of images and the tempo of sensations. Pasts permeating the present and the tenuous line between lived experiences, nostalgia, and sparse memories .