Concluded work: OP_era-Uma Jornada através de Dimensões Paralelas e Experimentos Multissensoriais, 2003

OP-era poses a 3D immersive environment, whose dimensions were conceived on the basis of artistic and scientific concepts of space, which raises series of questions on human-computer interfaces. From development of specific software to the design for implementing the sound interface, the user’s body is cued to create the interactivity required for human-machine symbiosis in the Digital Cave, a multisensory experimental tool that expands and interfaces the body to make space more complex and add to the semiotic relation between presence and spatiality.

Daniela Kutschat Hanns

Digital media and technology artist and researcher. Develops systems for body-space integration of data (human-computer interfaces) for interactive and virtual reality environments. Has also worked in behavior-based robotics. Artist in Residence at the Center for Advanced Inquiry in Interactive Arts (CaiiA-STAR) in 1998, doctor in arts at the School of Communications and Arts, Universidade de São Paulo in 2002, currently professor of courses in multimedia design and specialization in design at SENAC, communications and arts and postgraduate program in design/art technology at FEBASP.

Rejane Cantoni

Information systems artist and researcher. Doctorate and master’s from the communication and semiotics program at PUC-SP; Master’s in infographic visualization and communication from the information systems higher studies program at Geneva University, Switzerland; and professor of the computation sciences department at PUC-SP. His research focuses on virtual reality systems engineering, interactive installations with devices for data acquisition and manipulation in sensorized environments, and automation.