Pequenas frestas de ficção sobre realidade insistente | dance | 2006

Pequenas frestas de ficção sobre realidade insistente was produced with the aid of a Funarte Petrobras dance grant and initially shown in a “work in progress” format at the “In Transit” festival in Berlin in June 2006. Meira also took part in information exchange laboratories that were on the program at the event. The piece was previewed in Florianopolis in November 2006, staging its initial proposal for organization as a show, before its São Paulo premiere in May 2007. The group uses technology as an extension of the body. Electronic devices and systems establish a relationship of reciprocity with the body. There is also use of sensors, robots, pattern-detection programs, videos and VJying systems; attached are the properties these elements supply to the body and how the latter responds to these elements through these properties. Systems and programs were developed specifically for use in the show, using audience participation to complete their stage performance.

Cena 11 Cia de Dança

Grupo Cena 11 Cia de Dança was founded in 1986 as an amateur group. In 1994, a new creative group led to their developing a particular technique and research and training projects aimed at bringing theory and practice together in their interpretation of dance. The group’s scenic expression takes chances with the dance-science-technology connection, following the most emergent aspects of current art. Cena 11 is characterized as a dance company in which a combination of theory and practice directs artistic goals. Over the last four years it has proposed that its choreographic production be treated as a process in constant development, with its levels of stability being the artistic formulations shown to audiences.