Development grant
Híbridos | interactive installation | 2007

This interactive installation captures users’ sounds, images and gestures and translates them into audio compositions. The color properties and area of each element comprising the design are used as parameters for calculating acoustic frequency and duration. Images are compiled using geographical information systems (GIS) to facilitate spatial manipulation of the design and show abstractions systematized by geographical systems and projections. The interactive installation hinges on concluding the “hybrid” program that uses programming languages as tools for processes creating images and sounds. The program is the result of language that has been researched and developed over the last few years. The work is gradually aggregating and integrating knowledge from a number of specific areas, whether spatial, graphic, audio or related to human perception of color. The program reuses objects in the form of algorithms or available existing source-code libraries that may be adapted and programmed for specific objectives on an integrated basis.

Carlos Praude

Carlos Praude lives and works in Brasilia (DF). Since 1985 he has been working with technology, creating and producing. Since 2001, he has been engaged in the field of the visual arts. He earned award at an Itaú Cultural cybernetics event (Rumos Cibernética) in 2007 and at Festival Regional do Minuto in Brasilia DF in 2006. Praude holds a degree in data processing technology and a postgraduate degree in software development.