Electronic art and photography are the two independent lines of research and creation pursued by the artist, who holds a master’s degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and degrees from Universidade de São Paulo’s Polytechnic School and the School of Communications and the Arts. The author’s ideas and works in electronic art address questions of representation, interactivity, and man-machine collaboration, broaching digital image, telecommunications, and hypermedia resources in a systemic manner.“This approach has the characteristic of a process, conjugating and interchanging expression and experimentation, following an essay/project format. By choice, albeit no doubt informed by cultural baggage, it operates in contemporary mediums, with an underlying motivation of exploring, appropriating, and subverting their primary, industrial rhetoric—in a sociocultural context those dynamic both prescribes limits and assimilates transformations,” he says. Fadon’s career is peppered with exhibitions and gatherings in the USA, England, Spain, and Mexico, as well as at such Brazilian venues and events as the Museu de Arte de São Paulo, Itaú Cultural, and Arte/Cidade. Among the scholarships and awards he has received are the MEC/ Capes, Vitae de Artes, and MinC/Virtuose.

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