Work-in-progress grant
A Conquista -Ocupação | book and photography | undated

The metropolis of São Paulo is the focus of Reisewitz’s planned photographic essay in the form of a book based on digitized images. Using details from 19th century paintings of local iconography in Sao Paulo, Reisewitz aims to pose a series of analogies between period works by painters such as Pedro Américo, Benedito Calixto or Oscar Pereira da Silva and his own photos of the never-ending urban landscape. Articulating a segment of Ocupação (occupation) together with another segment called ” conquest”, he portrays relentless urban sprawl, abrupt changes of landscape, real-estate speculation and illegal or informal lots and subdivisions. The process of rebuilding and the disappearance of former landmarks has affected the city since its earliest historical times. Occupation and conquest are metaphors showing life’s ideas and dreams, even if the latter materialize behind the walls or railings of gated communities. Creating a series of interfaces between art and technology, Reisewitz defines his poetics using digital photography to question the limits between real and unreal.

Caio Reisewitz

Born in São Paulo in 1967. Lives and works in São Paulo (SP).
Reisewitz’s work explores the relationships between art and documentary records, and between political and aesthetic aspects. Architectural spaces, for example, are photographed and juxtaposed to reveal their symbolic and political charge. Reisewitz graduated in visual communication at FAAP (1989). In the early 1990s, he traveled to Germany, and attended the Darmstadt Higher School of Arts. From 1992 to 1997, he studied at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz in Mainz, Germany, specializing in photography.