Arlindo Machado earned a doctorate in communications is a professor with the postgraduate program in communication and semiotics at PUC SP and the cinema, radio and television department at ECA USP. His field of research covers the universe of “technical images”, i.e. those produced through a range of technological mediations such as photography, film, video and the current digital and telematic media. He has written on these subjects in Eisenstein: Geometria do Êxtase (Brasiliense), A Ilusão Especular (Brasiliense), A Arte do Vídeo (Brasiliense), Máquina e Imaginário: O Desafio das Poéticas Tecnológicas (Edusp), El Imaginario Numérico (Eutopias, Valência), Video Cuadernos (Nueva, Buenos Aires), Pré-cinemas & Pós-cinemas (Papirus), A Televisão Levada a Sério (Senac), O Quarto Iconoclasmo (Contracapa), El Paisaje Mediático (Rojas, Buenos Aires), and numerous articles in periodicals or vehicles such as Dispositio, The Independent, Chimaera, Acta Poetica, Epipháneia, World Art, Leonardo and Performance Research. He also co-authored Os Anos de Autoritarismo: Televisão e Vídeo (Zahar), and Rádios Livres: a Reforma Agrária no Ar (Brasiliense). He was photography and video critic for the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo from 1984 to 1986. In the field of the arts, he was curator of the following exhibitions: Arte e Tecnologia (MAC, São Paulo, 1985), Cinevídeo (MIS, São Paulo, 1982, 1983), A Arte do Vídeo no Brasil (MAM, Rio de Janeiro, 1997), Arte e Tecnologia e Investigações: o trabalho do artista (Itaú Cultural, São Paulo, 1997 and 2001). Machado organized several exhibitions of Brazilian electronic art for events such as Getxoko III (Bilbao), Arco 91 (Madrid), Art of the Americas (Albuquerque) and Brazilian Video (Washington). He was on selection commitees at festivals such as Videobrasil (São Paulo), FórumBHZVídeo (Belo Horizonte), Bienarte (Córdoba) and Artes Electrónicas (Buenos Aires). He directed six shorts 16 and 35 mm film and three multimedia CD-ROMs. He received the Funarte photography award (Prêmio Nacional ) in 1995.