Work-in-progress grant
Oratório | Interactive poem | 2004

With the proposed implementation of three products: a website, CD-ROM and a PDA (Palm). Based on the construction of hypertext, it operates on the intersection of two codes: a diagrammatic poem and a prismatic poem. Several acoustic, visual and numerical ‘layers’ such as sounds, phrases, diagrams, architectural plans and images are to interact with the prismatic poem. The dense poetic reflection based on the city of Rio de Janeiro, is layered over sound and visual language through an ideogrammatic discourse that opens into multiple layers of meaning. This expansion of the ’sense’ or meaning lends inestimable value to his poetry if we take into account the hollowing out of meanings and symbolic dimension nowadays. As an antidote to the Virilio’s formulations, his poems refer to the origins of Brazilian concretist art.

André Vallias

Born in São Paulo in 1963. Graduated in law from Universidade de São Paulo. Graphic designer, poet and interactive-media producer. Started to create visual poems in 1985. From 1987 to 1994, he lived in Germany, where his activities were focused on digital media. In 1992, together with F. W. Block, organized the first international exhibition of computer-devised poetry: ‘p0es1e-digitale dichtkunst’. Returned to Brazil in 1994. Currently living in Rio de Janeiro, where he heads film production company Refazenda.