Chernobyl Project | radiographic images (images of objects emitting gamma radiation) | 2005

Alice Miceli’s project took an award at the 6th Sergio Motta Art and Technology Awards. Photographing the invisible was the idea behind this work, which obtained images of objects emitting gamma radiation to be fixed on radiographic plates. Images will be made in the Ukrainian city of Pripyat, in the area most devastated by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of April 1986. A pin-hole camera made of lead was especially developed for the project for fixing images on radiographic film. This fully light-sealed camera is exposed only to radiation emitted by sources such as the drums containing atomic waste or other objects contaminated with radioactive material, showing silhouettes produced by invisible energy. For more on the project visit the blog or the Chernobyl Project playlist on the Sergio Motta Institute’s YouTube channel

Alice Miceli

Alice Miceli was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1980, where she also lives and works. She graduated from École Supérieure d’Etudes Cinématographiques in Paris in 2001 and specialized in the history of art and architecture in Brazil at PUC-RJ in 2005. She has shown work at exhibitions in Dortmund and Hamburg in 2005, and videos at festivals such as Videobrasil and Transmediale in Berlin.