In 2010 the second edition of the online festival HTTP took place. Focusing on digital image, HTTPpix and HTTPvideo had their results published in the book “Creation and Critique in Image Networks, assembled by curator Giselle Beiguelman. The book presents essays on digital culture and the reconfigurations of the image statute in contemporary society, and has as authors: Giselle Beiguelman, Ivana Bentes Chiodetto Eder, Eduardo de Jesus, Raquel Rennó, Abel Reis Renata Motta and presentation.

Sergio Motta Institute offers free download  of the ebook 

Themed “Carry your Brand”, the online photography festival took place between May and June 2010 and proposed candidates to register up to six photos in which they appeared along with the most present brands in their everyday life, although never being sponsored. The festival happened on Flickr and was open to participants all over the country, without age limit. Three finalists won prizes of R$1500.00 each. HTTPpix was a production of Sergio Motta Institute and the Sao Paulo Culture Bureau, with the support of Yahoo and Click Agency.


Carried out by Sergio Motta Institute and by the Sao Paulo Culture Bureau, the Festival occurred in June 2010, using YouTube as a platform for the subscriptions and exhibition of the works. In this second edition, the theme of the Festival was “in Transit: Mobility and Entropy”and videos lasting up to five minutes were accepted. Each winner received an R$1500.00 prize and was announced at an event with projections of 10 works listed for theawards.

Online festivals
The HTTP online festivals were created in 2008 and are part of Sergio Motta Institute efforts to encourage Brazilian production of creative content on the Internet. Always open to all interested parties, the HTTPs intend to democratize access to artistic works, creating conditions for the public interested in art, new media and new artistic interfaces on telecommunications and science to share their opinions and critiques.