Claudia Assef, Ivana Bentes, Tadeu Chiarelli, Tiago Mesquita, and Cícero Silva

Instituto Sergio Motta is one of the country’s most prominent spaces for the debate on art and technology, and has played a key role in the establishment of these poetics.

The jury of the 9th Sergio Motta Award sought to reinforce the award’s connection with both digital art and Brazilian contemporary art. The variety of poetics, ways of performing, and even places where the pieces have been produced is enormous. Therefore, in addition to granting awards to the best works submitted to us, our goal was also to lend visibility to this diversity.

The works shortlisted for the Early-Career category made clear the fact that the production has been decentralized; it has migrated from large centers to several creative hubs. One of the most remarkable characteristics shared by the artists who submitted works to this category is the activist use of technology, which goes beyond the apparatus itself, demonstrating their will to bring into the community a discussion on the development of culture and society. When this happens, the technique acquires a transforming sense, be it in the attempt to find new interpersonal relationships and or in the quest for new poetic possibilities.

In the Mid-Career category, the shortlisted artists confirm their established background, since the Award aims to critically evaluate the artistic density of creators that are well-known by their peers through exhibitions, festivals, and debate spaces. Poetics that had reached their maturity and whose background was clearly and concisely expressed in the portfolio were chosen.

Finally, we have decided to grant the Hors Concours award to Paulo Bruscky. In recent years, his work has been reevaluated and finally was given the recognition it deserves. The
interventions he makes in unusual media as well as the new meanings he lends to the work of art are in accordance with what the Sergio Motta Award points to. We hope this decision reinforces the recognition of the outstanding role of this artist.