The 9th Sergio Motta Art and Technology Awards event is being held on October 1 – 2 at Museu da Imagem e do Som de São Paulo – MIS-SP, the International Seminar “Post-digital media contemporary art – circuit and critiques”.

Curators and art critics taking part in the seminar:

Brian Mackern (Montevideo, Uruguay) artist and composer, whose exhibitions, workshops and seminars have gained significant recognition. Professor of Digital and Electronic Arts at the Fine Arts Institute, Universidade de la República Uruguay. Founder and organizer of dorkbot.myd and New Media Art coordinator / curator at Cme. Subte, Montevideo. Currently developing the montevideo.ETC program at Montevideo’s Espacio de Tecnología y Cultura.

Cauê Alves (São Paulo) holds a master’s and doctorate in Philosophy from FFLCH-USP and is a professor with undergraduate and graduate programs at PUC-SP. Adjunct curator for the 8th Mercosur Biennial, the 32nd MAM-SP Panorama of Brazilian Art and Solo Projects: Focus Latinoamerica, ARCOmadrid 2012. Since 2006, he has been curator of MAM-SP’s Engraving Club. Exhibitions: Mira Schendel: Avesso do avesso (Instituto de Arte Contemporânea, 2010) and Quase líquido (Itaú Cultural, 2008).

Cristiana Tejo (Recife) independent curator, currently co-curator of MAM-SP’s 32nd Panorama of Brazilian Art and the Made in Mirrors project. Formerly director of MAMAM (Recife, 2007-2008), curator with Fundação Joaquim Nabuco (Recife, 2002-2006) and Itaú Cultural’s Rumos Artes Visuais (São Paulo, 2005-2006). Curated Paulo Bruscky’s special room at the 10th Havana Biennial, and acted as co-curator with Agnaldo Farias for Itaú Cultural’s Futuro do Presente. Published Paulo Bruscky – Arte em todos os sentidos (2009).

Gabriel Soucheyre (France) is the director of Videoformes – International Video art and Digital Culture Festival. Editor of Turbulences Video videoart and digital culture quarterly magazine; creator of Archives Numériques Vidéoformes, a digital archive of independent videoart; and curator at the Galerie de l’art du temps. Participates in many national and international events as curator or jury member. Teaches at Université Blaise Pascal (Clermont-Ferrand, France).

Ivana Bentes (Rio de Janeiro) professor researching cinema, new media, culture and communication at the School of Communication, UFRJ. Professor with UFRJ’s graduate program in Communication, CNPq researcher, coordinator for the Media Art and Aesthetics of Communication project and coordinator for Pontão de Cultura Digital at ECO/UFRJ and Laboratório Cultura Viva. Active as writer and speaker for publications and events related to media, visual arts, film, TV and new image technologies, and as a curator of film and art.

Jorge La Ferla(Buenos Aires) tenured professor at Universidade de Buenos Aires, Universidade de Cinema de Buenos Airesand Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota. Edited 30 books on art and media. His own books include Video en la Puna: Los viajes de Valdez (Editorial Nueva Librería, 1994) and Cine (y) digital. Aproximaciones a posibles convergencias entre el cinematógrafo y la computadora (Ed. Manantial, 2009). Curator for film, video and new technologies with extensive international involvement.

Josephine Bosma (Amsterdam, Holland) writer and art critic, published Nettitudes – Let’s Talk Net Art (NAi Publishers / Institute for Network Cultures), and interviews, reviews, and articles for catalogs, books and journals. Focusing on net art, acoustic art and network culture, Bosma co-organized events such as the radio section of the festival Next5Minutes (1996-1999), the newsletter CREAM (2001/2002) and the GOGBOT festival symposium (2010 -2011).

Manuela Naveau (Linz, Austria) independent artist and curator. Since 2004 she developed the Ars Electronica Export division together with Gerfried Stocker, which she has headed since its inception. In addition to curating, producing and placing Ars Electronica exhibitions at museums and institutions worldwide, her interest is focused on the manifold manifestations of contemporary artistic practice. Manuela Naveau is currently working on “Crowd & Art”; her PhD thesis research investigates new forms of internet-based participation in the artistic process and their influence on artistic practice that is currently in a phase of flux.

Priscila Arantes (São Paulo) researcher, critic and curator, master’s and doctorate in Communication and Semiotics from PUC-SP and post-doctorate from Unicamp. Technical director of Paço das Artes and former adjunct director of MIS-SP(2007-2011). Wrote Art @ Media: perspectivas da Estética estética digital (Senac/FAPESP), Conexões Tecnológicas (IMESP), Estéticas tecnológicas: novas formas de sentir (EDUC).Curator of exhibitions I/legítimo: dentro e fora do circuito (2008), Crossing [Travessias](2010) and Assim é, se lhe parece (2011).

Tadeu Chiarelli (São Paulo), professor with the Visual Arts department at ECA-USP and director of Museu de Arte Contemporânea – USP.

Tania Aedo (Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico), director of Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Joined the Multimedia Center in 1993 and acted as its director from 2005 through 2007. In the 1990s, as part of her artistic practice, she developed interactive three-dimensional simulations (virtual reality), multi-user environments and small internet communities. Currently researching the development of artistic strategies in specific contexts, and technology and interdisciplinary education in Latin America.

Tiago Mesquita (São Paulo) has a degree in Social Sciences and a master’s in Philosophy from FFLCH – USP. An art critic since the 1990s, he wrote for Folha de S. Paulo, Novos Estudos CEBRAP, Revista +soma, Revista Reportagem, Jornal o Público, and others. In addition to art critiques, he runs the Guacara blog and writes lyrics for popular music, having composed with Romulo Froes, Mauricio Takara and Rob Mazurek. Art History professor for the Architecture course at FAAM, art critic and occasional curator.

Giselle Beiguelman (São Paulo) media artist and professor. Active in areas related to creative work and media art critiques. Formerly professor with the Communication and Semiotics postgraduate program at PUC-SP (2001-2011), currently at FAU-USP. Curator for Nokia Trends (2007 and 2008) and Sergio Motta Institute’s artistic director (2008-2011).

Camila Duprat Martins (São Paulo) superintendent of Sergio Motta Institute, museuologist and postgraduate in Art History at ECA-USP. Formerly director of Museu de Arte Moderna SP (1990-1992), head of the Visual Arts division at Centro Cultural São Paulo (1993/2000), coordinator of production for Sergio Motta Art and Technology Awards (2001/2004), coordinator of the Museu Vivo project of the State of São Paulo Culture department (2004/-2005) and coordinator of the “Management in the Arts” postgraduate program at SENAC SP (2007/-2008).