National Policy Seminar – Solid Waste: Environmental Sustainability and Business Opportunities, held by the Italian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, November 9 – 12 at FIMAI – International Industrial Environment Fair (Expo Center Norte / Auditorium Cantareira 1) and at the Prestes Maia Auditorium of the São Paulo Municipal Chamber. The Sergio Motta Institute participates as a partner for the event, collaborating with panels on the question of Electrical and Electronic Waste and Green IT.

The issue of electronic waste will be addressed in two debates on November 9. The first panel in onElectronic Waste Recycling: technological and marketing challenges, and the panelists are Prof. Tereza Cristina Melo de Brito Carvalho – LARC/USP and Diego Tomassini, who is in charge of the stewardship project for Italy’s environment ministry [Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela Del Territorio e del Mare (MATTM) – ICE/Desk Brasil], to be chaired by Giovanni Sacchi, head of Italy’s Foreign Trade Institute (ICE) in São Paulo.

The second panel at 4pm on the same day looks at Recycling and the Creative Economy to be chaired by Renata Motta, director of the Sergio Motta Institute. The Creative Economy concept is closely related to the impact of new technologies on production, markets and organization of social and cultural as well as economic activities. The aim is to discuss the challenges of recycling based on this concept, while shedding light on the latest perspectives and practices in relation to solid waste. Speakers: Felipe Andueza from the electronic waste blog (Blog Lixo Eletrônico), Stela Goldenstein, special adviser to the Government of São Paulo, and Mauricio Arruda, architect specializing in sustainable building.

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