The Futurecom Innovation award winners will be announced on October 25 at the opening event for Futurecom 2010. These will cover the top three VAS applications for telecommunications services. The first-place award will be a trip to Barcelona, Spain to take part in the Mobile World Congress 2011, second-place will win a laptop and third a netbook.

During FUTURECOM, visitors will have access to applications by finalists, which will be demonstrated live so that all visitors at the Business Trade Show may access nominated works. The awards will be announced at 7 pm Monday October 25 during the opening ceremony for Futurecom 2010, at Transamerica Expo Center, São Paulo / SP-Brazil.

Meet the finalists: 
Ane Cristina Martins da Silva (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)
Entity: Acotel do Brasil Ltda.
Project: Meu Jornal

Ani Petersen (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)
Entity: Grupo TeleListas
Project:Telelistas.Net Mobile

Arthur Philip Sanders Júnior (Florianópolis – SC)
Entity: Pesquisa, Desenvolvimento & Inovação
Project: Mobile Identification Certificate

Cássio Chagas Montenegro Duarte (São Paulo – SP)
Entity: Companhia de Processamento de Dados do Estado de São Paulo
Project: Sintonia service management system

João Marcelo Corrêa (Florianópolis, SC)
Entity: Cianet Networking
Project: New low-cost network system offering quad-play and ultra-broad band solutions

José Sindi Yamamoto (Campinas – SP)
Entity: Innovatech Telecom
Project: Fixed-Mobile Concentrator

Leandro Cristóvão (Florianópolis – SC)
Entity: Apsdata Tratamento de Dados Ltda. / PD&I – Fln
Project: Mobile Forms

Marcelo Augusto Prado Sant’Anna (Caçapava – SP)
Entity: 4B
Project: Dial TV – live interactive audience

Sergio Massao Katsuda (São Paulo – SP)
Entity: RFS Brasil Telecomunições Ltda.
Project: Hybriflex®

Wilson Cardoso (São Paulo – SP)
Entity: Nokia Siemens Networks do Brasil Sistemas de Comunicações Ltda
Project: NSN FlexiMultiplay