The Brazilian speakers at the Latin American Forum are Rejane Cantoni, Lucas Bambozzi, Simone Osthoff and Giselle Beiguelman.The event is held as part ofISEA2010 RUHR and presents an overviewof artistic and theoretical work on art and technology in Latin America.

By the end of the symposium we will have posted papers submitted during the forum. The first to be available for download is Giselle Beiguelman’s “Critical and Creative Trends in Cultura Digital.BR”. You may read the summary below and download the article in English:

” Brazilian production in the field of digital culture indicates an emerging techno-phagism, a process of devouring and crushing technology mediated by critical and creative use of media. This aspect appears in alternative economic models, artistic practices acting as agents for other practices and piracy systems aiming for collective uses of telecommunications. With their different profiles, they comprise a phenomenon directly related to the ways in which Brazil is engaged inglobalization. ”

Key-words: Creative Economy, Agency, Digital Culture, Piracy

Download the full article here