The jury for the 8th Sergio Motta Art and Technology Awards has used different criteria for entries in each category (early-career, mid-career and hors concours).

In relation to early-career artists, the jury’s view is that awards should reflect balance between use of media and mastery of aesthetic language. Another key feature would be reflection on the use of interfaces and active involvement of viewers in the context of the work, in addition to the trend toward integrating different disciplines.

For mid-career artist awards, the jury used two selection criteria. One focused on artists that have shown outstanding development, with aesthetic and conceptual consistency in their artistic production, having been active for more than 10 years. In addition, the jury thought it appropriate to make an ex aequo award as a way of encouraging two artists currently on the threshold of building their own discourse, while showing competence to consolidate their artistic trajectories in the future.

The award recipient in the hors concours category was Carlos Fadon Vicente, in recognition of his extraordinary artistic trajectory, characterized by articulation between media language and elaborate conceptual and aesthetic discourse, as well as the rigor of his production. His constant questioning and subversion of the use of technical means is based on exhaustive investigation and theoretical reflection. Visionary ability in use of new technological resources places him among the pioneers of research in the field of telecom-art both locally and internationally. His oeuvre has helped to enrich Brazil’s artistic and cultural heritage.

Concluding remarks

We would like to draw attention to the importance of portfolios being presented systematically, clearly and professionally. Artists should take the time and care needed to prepare their documents properly, thus facilitating better appreciation of their works by the jury.