The commission in charge of the selection of the artists for this 8th Sergio Motta Award announces the 34 nominees to the 2009 prizes. These 34 artists were selected from others 286 candidates. The commission was composed by Mabuse( artist and researcher), Marcus Bastos (PUC-SP´s professor and multimídia artist) and Yara Guasque (UDESC ´s professor and digital mídia artist). The commission has also apointed three other nominees to the Hors Concours Award. The final choice is in charge of the Awarding Jury composed by Claudia Giannetti (digital arts and new media critic and curator) , Fernanda Takai (leading vocal of the band Pato Fu), Moacir dos Anjos
(critic and curator), Ricardo Oliveros ( architect, journalist and curator) and Ronaldo Lemos (coordinator of the Technology and Society Center of the FVG-RJ Law School and of the project Creative Commons in Brazil) The winners are going to be announced next september 17th by press and at The Sergio Motta Institute´s site. There will be 2 prizes for the Beginning Artists category in R$ 10 thousand each; and 4 prizes for the Consolidated Artists category in R$ 30 thousand each. There is a R$40 thousand prize for the Hors Concours Category .

The Beginners Artists nominees are:

Anaisa Franco
Bruno Vianna
Claudio Bueno
Dudu Tsuda
Fernando Rabelo
Gabriel Menotti
Jarbas Jácome
Mariana Manhães
Media Sana
Michelle Agnes e Cristiano Rosa
Phila 7
Projeto Marginalia
Ricardo de Oliveira Nascimento

The Consolidadet Artistic Career nominees are:

Anna Barros
Arthur Omar
Camila Sposati
Fernando Velázquez
Gisela Motta e Leandro Lima
Lucas Bambozzi
Lucia Koch
Lucio Agra
Luisa Paraguai
M. Takara
Martha Gabriel
Raimo Benedetti
Raquel Kogan
Rejane Cantoni
Ricardo Carioba
Roberto Cabot
Rodrigo Matheus
Tania Fraga
VJ Alexis

The Hors Concours nominees are:

Carlos Fadon Vicente
Giorgio Moscati
Guto Lacaz

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