The Selection Jury for the 8th Sergio Motta Award in Art and Technology, during the evaluation of portfolios from both categories (beginning and middle of career), verified some great artistic quality and diversity.The selected portfolios from the candidates at the beginning of their careers constitute a representative sample of the various fronts that emerge in the area. They reveal innovative vectors of the use of technology and point towards representative unfoldings of the universe if digital media production.

These unfoldings and innovative vectors show a particularity in such production and ask for a new reflection over how the insertion of artists at the beginning of their career takes place within this universe. As for the portfolios from artists at the middle of their careers trace a wider scenario, in as much as they look into more embracing and diversified trajectories. In both categories were privileged artistic proposals in which the technological procedures generate defining poetic elements of the obtained result.

Because of this, were selected artists whose production is characterised by the deconstruction of devices, by the emphasis on programming practices, by the dialogue with network poetics, by the execution in real time and by the appropriation of the technology of current usage in unpredicted configurations that extrapolate the reception languages, more usual in the context of contemporary art.

Another valued front was that of works in which there is a critical look into the uses of technology in contemporary society, as well as practices that stimulate the democratisation of tools and widen the possibilities of diffusion towards beyond the already established circuit.Even if the jury had stumbled across portfolios of exceptional quality, the productions that had inflections with digital media taking a more central place in their poetics gained relevance amongst the others.

Selection Committee of 8th Sergio Motta Award