Sergio Motta Art and Technology Award was created in 2000 with the purpose to support artistic and theoretical creations in the new medias. Several branches have been contemplated: visual arts, music, literature, dance, performance, interactive art and science as well as theoretical researches, composing a hybrid profile award.

Since its 5th edition Sergio Motta Art and Technology Award became biennial. Attending to the rapid changes and needs of this specific area, this new calendar seeks to contribute to the discussions between critics and creators, as well as to enlarge an interlocution with non specialized audience who also experiments the impacts of the digital revolution.
The new calendar seeks as well a more consistent assistance to the developing projects awarded with grants. Finally, this new structure will enable the establishment of new outreach activities, like forums, seminars, publications and exhibitions.

A more ample dialogue with the international circuit, looking for new partnerships and support has also been intensified. We hope through these initiatives to consolidate this cultural project, respected both by its democratic character and the transparency of its actions. Sergio Motta Art and Technology Award is an obligatory reference to Brazilian digital culture today.

|Award Winners|

Alice Miceli-Chernobyl Project

Grupo Poéticas Digitais-Cozinheiro Das Almas

Katia Maciel-Ondas

Luiz Duva-Concerto Para Células em (De) Movimento

Sciarts-Equipe Interdisciplinar E Edson Zampronha-Atrator Poético

Simone Michelin-LILLIPUT

|Liber Award|

Lucia Santaella

|Honor Mentions|

Annateresa Fabris

Adams Carvalho e Olívia Brenga

Anaisa Franco-Dez Capítulos na Parede

Camila Sposati-Spiderrrbot 2.0

Marcus Bastos-Colagem Digital

Cao Guimarães-Dez ou mais minutos de liberdade

Joel Pizzini-Da janela do meu quarto

Kiko Goifman-Dormente

Raquel Kogan-Reflexão e suas inflexões

Sandro Canavezzi de Abreu-Void: uma estéreo-endoscopia em uma caixa-preta

|Jury-6th award|

-Arlindo Machado
-Benjamin Taubkin
-Daniela Kutschat
-Maria Alice Milliet
-Ricardo Resende
-André Lemos
-Daniela Kutschat
-Dominika Szope