The Sergio Motta Art and Technology is for artistic works of excellence that operate on the interface between art and new technologies. This award aims to encourage artists whose poetic universe is characterized by experimentation with electronic and/or digital media, promoting emerging artistic production and democratizing access to and participation in contemporary cultural production in Brazil.

For this fifth edition, the jury (Adolfo Montejo Navas, Lisette Lagnado, Lucas Bambozzi, Maria Teresa Santoro and Rejane Cantoni) short listed 17 works and made the following awards:
-4 incentive bursaries (projects underway) in the amount of R$ 16,500.00 each;
-3 awards for concluded works (produced during the period May 2002 through May 2004) in the amount of R$ 22,000.00 each;
-1 hors concours award (conferred on an individual for original artistic work as a whole or for relevant professional action in the field of art and new technologies) in the amount of R$ 22,000.00.

|Work Concluded|

Marilá Dardot-Constelações-BH, RJ, SP

Rodolfo Caesar-3 Clips

Paulo Nenflidio-Música dos Ventos

|Incentive bursary awards|

Sérgio Pinto and Wilson Sukorski-Re Re La do oTaoDoMinf

Gisela Motta and Leandro Lima-Projeto Reflexão

André Parente-Figuras na Paisagem

Ricardo Ribenboim-Intervenção e Monitoramento Subaquático

Hors Concours

Solange Farkas


Rochelle Costi-Vigília

Ricardo Carioba-White Box

Camila Sposati-Releitura Digital do Diorama: Modos de Apresentação e Atenção

Raquel Kogan-Reflexão

Alice Miceli-88 de 14.000ón Gugg und Chaim

Wagner Morales-C’est la Vidéo

Andrei R. Thomaz-Pacman e o Minotauro

Dias & Riedweg-Voracidade Máxima

Lucila Meirelles-Ópera do 3º Mundo

|Jury members for the 5th edition|

The jury for the fifth edition consisted of Adolfo Montejo Navas, Lisette Lagnado, Lucas Bambozzi, Maria Teresa Santoro and Rejane Cantoni. Two nomination sessions were held in August, 2004 in order to enable us to request supplementary materials from some entries and assist in the final decisions. The sessions were held at the São Paulo Goethe Institute, which provided its auditorium and equipment in partnership with Sergio Motta Institute.