What is Digital Culture? What is Technological Art? What of the poetics involved in artistic manifestations on the internet, or in new media such as video, digital photography, CD-ROM, or electro-acoustic music? As well as responding to these issues, the Sergio Motta Cultural Award is a means of discovering and encouraging new talents in those fields.The Award also honors the memory of former-minister Sergio Motta, who was a constant supporter of cultural activity and keenly interested in the new technologies of the future.

|Work Concluded|

Eder Santos-Framed by curtains

Fábio Gorodski-Gli Anni-luce

Rosângela Rennó-Vulgo

Regina Silveira-”Ex Orbis”

|Hors Concours|

Philadelpho Menezes


Edson Barrus-Cão Mulato

Jair de Souza-Mycity

Milton Sogabe, Rosangella Leote, Fernando Fogliano, Renato Hildebrand e Rejane Cantoni –
Entremeios II

Sonia Andrade-Goe, and catch a falling starre

|Jury members 1st Award|

The 1st Award jury members were Ana Maria Beluzzo (historian and art critic ), Angélica de Moraes (journalist and art critic), Eduardo Brandão (professor of photography and publisher), Flo Menezes (composer and director of Studio PANaroma (electroacoustic music) (UNESP/FASM)), Gilbertto Prado (multimedia artist), Katia Maciel (Coordinator of Multimedia Production Center, ECO-UFRJ), Laymert Garcia dos Santos (professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Human Sciences, UNICAMP), Nizan Guanaes (advertising professional), and Solange Oliveira Farkas (director and curator of Vídeo Brasil).